Emerging Artists

Each year, the Wausau Festival of Arts selects an emerging artist to display and sell his or her work at the Festival. It is an opportunity for an artist who is new to the outdoor art festival scene to experience his or her first outdoor festival, and meet fellow artists and possible mentors. This year, we are pleased to introduce Alison Charles as our featured emerging artist. Be sure to stop by the emerging artist booth on the 400 Block while you are downtown enjoying the Festival. Alison is grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to sharing her work with you.

Alison Charles


Alison Charles of Schofield, Wisconsin, is best known for her abstract paintings made from clay, sand, and oil on luan plywood. With its emphasis on textures and colors, her work pushes the boundaries of two dimensions and has been described as geographical. When Alison paints abstractions, she intentionally creates disorder through the application of thick layers of clay and multiple layers of oil washes. While she finds peace in her organized process, nature takes control over the direction of oil washes and the drying of the clay. However, she wrestles nature as she manages each aspect of the composition from the geographic imagery that first influences her clay compositions to choosing colors that are close in value and intensity. Using parts of maps where land touches water helps ground both the viewer and herself in reality. Each painting is a reflection of the battle to find the balance between chaos and order.

Name: Alison Charles
Hometown: Schofield
Medium: Mixed Media Oil Painting
Website: alisonroseart.com

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